Rent a heart with flowers

A heart filled with flowers

For rent from € 41,00 (excl. vat)

The heart often symbolizes love. Do you celebrate love? Then choose the flower heart! The heart with flowers can be combined with all light letters, numbers and signs. For example between your initials such as A♥B.

Heart with silk flowers

The flower heart is our white light letter “heart” in which the lamps have been replaced by silk flowers. These artificial flowers are of the highest quality and therefore hardly distinguishable from the real thing! Besides the fact that the heart with flowers is often used between the initials of the bridal couple, the heart can also be used as an “O”, think of “L ♥ VE” or “WELK ♥ M”. The heart is also a nice extra in addition to, for example, a (company) name or to use separately. In the latter case, our heart with flowers is also often used to show the love for a deceased person.

The piece was designed by a true florist and can be provided with customized flowers / colors on request. This surcharge depends entirely on the type of flower (s). Other letters, numbers and / or signs with silk or real flowers are also possible.

Order & quotation – Show the last honor to the deceased or are you planning your wedding and do you want to rent our hearts filled with flowers? Request a quote, so that you know where you are.

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