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Rent a silent generator – Power everywhere!

For rent from € 24.80 (excl. vat)

Our illuminated letters are equipped with a normal plug connection, but there is not everywhere a socket in the area. Think of the beach or in the park. Especially for these locations, we can provide you with luminous lights thanks to our compact power generator!

Power everywhere with a generator

Are you preparing your marriage proposal on the beach or do you want to place our light letters in another special place? This is possible thanks to our whisper generator! A generator is a motor-driven generator for generating electricity. This way you always have a socket at hand. Although our model is a so-called silent generator, you will always hear it running. If possible, we therefore place the generator as far away as possible and sheltered. Tip: If necessary, take a portable speaker with you, then you won’t hear anything anymore. Depending on the use and on a full tank, our generator will last five hours anyway.

Technical details:
• Dimensions:
51 x 36 x 44 cm
• Weight:
18kg (empty)
• Content:
• Ratio:
Gasoline (Euro 98) 25: 1 (2-stroke oil)
• AC voltage:
220 / 50Hz
• Max. output:
• Max. usage:
5 hours
• Max. sound:
94 DB
• Max. temperature:
40 ℃

Order & quotation – Are you going to surprise your loved one with a marriage proposal or are you organizing an event and do you want to rent a generator? Request a quote, so that you know where you are.

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