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β™₯ COVID-19 guarantee is open and will continue to rent out. We observe all RIVM guidelines and guarantee that both new and existing orders can be changed free of charge!

The developments surrounding the corona virus have drastic consequences for our industry! It is therefore possible that we will be less accessible in the near future than you are used to from us. All your messages will be read and answered as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding. See you soon, healthy and well!

Is your wedding or event canceled due to corona? Make this known as soon as possible – at least 48 hours in advance -! We will then adjust the status of your order to “date unknown”. As soon as you have a new date in mind, we would like to hear this. We will then change the date of your order and send you a confirmation afterwards. It is even possible to change the originally desired lighting letters, so that you can use your order for a completely different occasion at a later time.

Have you already paid for your order? Changing your order is completely free. So you don’t have to pay anything extra afterwards.

Have you not paid for your order yet? Because of our fixed costs, we like to stick to the original payment term. If you are unable or would prefer to pay at a different time, we will look at the options together.

Cancel order completely? Then our general cancellation conditions apply.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us. TOGETHER AGAINST CORONA!

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How can I rent / buy your products

Very easy. We have developed a unique configurator with which you receive a completely non-binding and personal cost indication within one minute. Is everything to your liking? Then click on the “Order confirmation” button. This button will redirect you to our confirmation page. Here you can confirm your order definitively. After your confirmation we will check your order and if everything is in order you will receive the invoice for confirmation.

Rent marquee letters β†’
Rent a photobooth β†’
Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’
Buy social media frame(s) β†’

Do you have specific wishes, questions or are you still not quite sure? Then we are there for you. We are happy to help you!

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Can I pick up my order?

Hell yes! You can pick up (and return) yourself from Monday to Sunday by appointment and it is also free of charge. Tip: Make sure you have enough space and possibly bring some moving cloths.

Please note: Our illuminated letters may only be transported horizontally (stacked with support) with moving cloths or some other form of protection. The photo booth may only be transported in the specially designed transport crate. This flight case has a size of L 84 cm Γ— W 54.5 cm Γ— H 64 cm and weight of about 80 kg. All products must not slide!

Note: The shipping costs (and the delivery time) of the social media sign will never expire, because our printer always charges shipping costs (and needs the time) to deliver your frame to us. It is also not possible to collect directly from the printer. Do you want to collect your social media sign (in combination with the illuminated letters, photo booth and / or polaroid camera)? Then state “Please pick up everything at once!” in your comments!

I have not received an email?

How annoying! First of all, check whether our e-mail has accidentally arrived at unwanted e-mail / spam. Still nothing? Then try again with a different mail address, such as Gmail or iCloud. Domains such as Outlook, Hotmail and Live unfortunately cause many problems …

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Do you also do delivery?

Yes! If you want to rent completely carefree (in the Netherlands or abroad) then you choose our delivery service. We not only deliver and return your order, but also prepare everything for you!

Note: This option is only possible (in combination) with renting marquee letters and / or the photo booth. Your social media sign will be sent from our printer and only the polaroid camera can in many cases be delivered cheaper by post. Would you like us to deliver your social media sign (in combination with the illuminated letters, photo booth and / or polaroid camera)? Please state “Please deliver everything at once!” in your comments!

Note: The shipping costs (and the delivery time) of the social media sign will never expire, because our printer always charges shipping costs (and needs the time) to deliver your frame to us.

Note: Do you not rent marquee letters and photo booth, but do you rent a polaroid camera and do you also buy a social media sign? Then our printer will send your social media sign and we will send the polaroid camera. You will then receive two packages! This is the fastest and cheapest way.

We calculate your delivery service costs based on your delivery address and consist of a fixed starting rate plus a small fee per kilometer driven. The number of kilometers is the total of both the delivery (round trip) and the return (round trip).

Discover my delivery costs β†’

Note: We deliver from Monday to Friday (between 08:00 and 18:00) and we assume a loading and unloading time of approximately 30 minutes. We charge € 29.95 per person per hour for additional work. Would you like additional work? Then let us know in your comments!

Do you also ship (cheaply) by post?

Yes, this only applies to the social media signs, polaroid camera and the wooden marquee letters (100 cm).

Social media signs: The standard shipping costs are € 7.50 (excl. vat) per order. You can indicate per design whether you opt for standard delivery or urgent delivery. You pay an extra surcharge for urgent deliveries. The following shipping costs and delivery times also apply to Belgium and if you agree with the sample design before 1 p.m.

β€’ Standard shipping (5/7 working days) – € 7.50 (excl. vat)
β€’ Express delivery (1/2 working days) – € 19.95 (excl. vat)
β€’ Other countries (7/12 working days) – € 24.95 (excl. vat)

Polaroid camera: The standard shipping costs are € 6.75 (excl. vat) per package per shipment. These shipping costs also apply to Belgium! Provided you agree to our price offer before 1 p.m., your order will be delivered the next working day in 98% of the cases.

Wooden marquee letters (100 cm): These marquee letters are specially designed to be sent per package. Our white marquee letters and event-marquee letters cannot be shipped due to the dimensions and weight, apart from the base and the clamp, due to the risk of damage.

With the package service we send your illuminated letters in a sturdy shipping box for € 16.53 per package of Β± 3 illuminated letters including return. Use our configurator and find out what your shipping costs are within seconds!

Rent marquee letters β†’

Note: Keep the shipping box safe, because you will need it to return the letters! The return label, which has already been paid, can be found both in the box and by mail. Stick this over the old shipping label and hand over the package at a parcel point in your area.

PostNL-location near you β†’
DPD-location near you β†’

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, at you do not have to pay a deposit! We trust that all rented materials will be returned complete and in original condition / ready for return. So you can still rent without having to miss a large amount of your budget!

Rent marquee letters β†’

How can I pay?

Immediately after your confirmation, we will check your order and reserve your desired products in our system. If everything is in order, you will receive an invoice to confirm this. Always check your invoice. If we don’t hear anything, we assume that everything is correct. Payment can then be made easily and securely via (preferably) a bank transfer. In addition to a bank transfer, you can also pay with us via iDEAL, Creditcard, ApplePay, PayPal, SEPA, SOFORT, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, Przelewy24, KBC / CBC, Belfius Direct NET, ING Home’Pay or on request cash / pin.

Rent marquee letters β†’

Marquee letters (rental)

What does it cost to rent marquee letters?

The exact rental costs depend on various factors, such as the number and desired lighting letters, the type of lighting letters, any additional extras, the collection / delivery method and the rental period.
You can use our configurator to immediately receive a personal cost estimate. Passing on your wishes takes less than one minute!

Rent marquee letters β†’

How many days can I use my letters?

Only at you can use your marquee letters for 4 days! Example: From Friday (delivery / collection) to Monday (return).

If you want to rent your marquee letters for a longer period, please mention this in your comments on your quote request. From the fifth onwards, we charge a surcharge of 25% of the costs of the illuminated letters per day.

Lichtletters huren β†’

Which illuminated letters do you rent out? rents out the entire alphabet (A to Z), all numbers (0 to 9) and various characters such as & signs, hearts (β™₯), hashtags (#), exclamation marks (!), Question marks (?), dots (.) and arrows (➞).

Rent marquee letters β†’

Note: When filling in the configurator, use the + sign for special characters such as a heart! Please state in your comments which sign it is. The system does not recognize special characters such as a heart, so that your quotation will ultimately not be correct.

Are your desired lighting letters not listed above? Then will make them! Of course you are also welcome to view the letters in advance. Make an appointment!

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Do you also rent out different styles?

At you can choose from several types of marquee letters, namely:

Wooden marquee letters (100 cm) | Read more β†’
White marquee letters (100 cm) | Read more β†’
Event-marquee letters (wood) (60cm) | Read more β†’

Rent marquee letters β†’

Mis je een soort? Dan maakt Lichtletters-Huren ze bij!

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What are the dimensions of the illuminated letters?

The length of the illuminated letters (not to be confused with the height) depends on the sign. The letter ‘i’ is of course less wide than the letter ‘w’, except for the wooden marquee letters (100 cm). These letters are designed in such a way that can send them cheaply by parcel service!

Wooden marquee letters (100 cm)
L 56 cm Γ— W 12 cm Γ— H 100 cm

White marquee letters (100 cm)
L Β± 60 cm Γ— W 12 cm Γ— H 105 cm (excluding foot)
Note: Including base (fixed), these letters have a width of 20 cm. The foot (and the weight) also provides more stability on less flat surfaces, such as outside on the grass. In addition, the base has two holes to secure the letters with pegs (included), so even in windy conditions, the letters from remain!

Event-marquee letters (wood) (60cm)
L Β± 34 cm Γ— W 11 cm Γ— H 60 cm (excluding clamp)
Note: Including clamp (fixed), the letters have a width of 18.5 cm. The clamp (and the weight) makes hanging these letters child’s play and is therefore ideal for events!

Rent marquee letters β†’

What is the weight of the illuminated letters?

Wooden marquee letters (100 cm) – Average 5 kg
Thanks to the choice of materials, construction and dimensions, the wooden illuminated letters are light enough to be sent cheaply by parcel service, but at the same time very strong! Tip: You can also easily move these marquee letters from, for example, the entrance to the stage during your event.

White marquee letters (100 cm) – Average 12.5kg
The white marquee letters owe their weight to the 18 mm thick wood type (including border), the sturdy base and the fact that the font of is not ‘compressed’. This means that the proportions of the letters are correct. For example, the letter ‘M’ really has more length than the ‘N’.

Event-marquee letters (wood) (60 cm) – Average 3kg
The event-marquee letters are literally the little brother of the wooden marquee letters (100 cm), but with a hanging bracket and special lighting!

Rent marquee letters β†’

Which lamps do you use? only uses sustainable LED lamps. Did you know that LED lamps also cannot get hot? So completely safe!

Wooden marquee letters (100 cm)
Type: LED filament bulb / ball lamp
Consumption: maximum 3 watts / Β± 30 watts per light letter
Control: Dimmable, so no overexposure in the dark!

White marquee letters (100 cm)
Type: LED filament bulb / ball lamp
Consumption: maximum 3 watt / Β± 30 watt per light letter
Control: Dimmable, so no overexposure in the dark!

Event-marquee letters (wood) (60cm)
Type: LED attraction lighting / fairground lamp
Consumption: maximum 4.3 watts / Β± 30 watts per light letter
Control: Programmable or live via DMX!

Of course, the connection cables, dimmer and spare lamps are always included at!

Rent marquee letters β†’

What colors of lighting can I choose from?

For colored lighting you pay nothing extra at! As standard we deliver our marquee letters with the most chosen color, namely warm white (dimmable). You can also choose from the color (s): cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and / or green. The event light letters are equipped with RGB lamps.

Tip: Which color suits your event? Also consider a combination of colors, such as a red heart, each letter a different color, a color gradient (eg a rainbow), colored lines (eg the Dutch flag) or a mix of colors!

Rent marquee letters β†’

How do the marquee letters work?

Each light letter is equipped with a normal 220 / 230v plug (power in) and one socket (power out). This way you can easily connect all our letters together. The only thing you may need is an extension cable, but this is of course included at! In the end, you only need one socket where you plug the first plug of the series.

The wooden light letters (100 cm) are equipped with so-called PowerCon connections instead of plugs and mating plugs. These connections can be connected with the PowerCon cable of the same name and are of course included at!

The event light letters (60 cm) are connected via XLR and DC power supplies to a 24v power supply with controller. Both are included, with the choice of two controllers, namely: One, a pre-programmed program or two, one that can be controlled live via DMX. DMX console not included, but may be available. The power supply is connected to 220 / 230v with a normal plug.

Note: NEVER plug other equipment into the end of your string of marquee letters. Especially in combination with a dimmer, both the illuminated letters and the device can be irreparably damaged!

Rent marquee letters β†’

Photobooth (rental)

What kind of photo booth do you rent out?

We rent the newest model photo booth! This professional, compact and very user-friendly photo booth has all the modern functions one could wish for!

β€’ Length: 41 cm
β€’ Width: 47.5 cm
β€’ Height (adjustable tripod): Max. 170 cm
β€’ Weight: 35kg + 12kg = Indestructible!
β€’ Color: Matt black with high-gloss white
β€’ Material: Metal
β€’ Camera: Canon 4000D SLR camera
β€’ Internal (dimmable) flash: Check!
β€’ Printer: DNP Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DS620
β€’ Power supply type: 1 plug (8m) (220v / 230v)

Rent a photobooth β†’

Where do I place my photo booth?

Place the photo booth focused on a plain background and in a quiet place where many guests pass by, for example: in front of a white wall just after entering (of the party room). Your photo booth will immediately stand out and be used a lot! Building our photo booth is child’s play and takes a maximum of five minutes (with two strong men).

Are you using a wall or one of our backgrounds as a background? Then assume about 3 mΒ² in terms of space. Your guests (and the supervisor) will still have enough space around the photo booth. Consider also a (hanging) table for your guestbook!

Note: Think of an electrical outlet! The cord of our photo booth is about 8m long from the ground. Of course we can provide extension cables.

Rent a photobooth β†’

Can the photo booth stand outside?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t rain of course. Of course a party tent / canopy is possible.

Rent a photobooth β†’

Can the photo booth also be used in the dark?

Yes, with the built-in (dimmable) filter there is enough light to take sharp, clear photos.

Rent a photobooth β†’

What does renting a photo booth cost?

At you can already rent a photo booth for only € 290 (excl. vat) per day. This price includes all the services you would expect from a good photo booth!

β€’ FREE personal layout of your photo / photo strips
β€’ FREE installation on location
β€’ FREE props (60 pieces worth € 9.95)
β€’ FREE unlimited printing (400 photos or 800 photo strips)
β€’ FREE digital photo album afterwards
β€’ FREE remote support

Rent a photobooth β†’

Upgrade your experience! Without further obligations (or packages) we offer you a number of interesting options. You only pay for what you use! What did you think about:

β€’ Custom design of your photo / photo strips
β€’ Professional and enthusiastic photo booth supervisor (s)
β€’ Guestbook (s) to paste the photos
β€’ Premium props tailored to your occasion
β€’ Photos immediately afterwards on USB
β€’ A (custom) background or green screen
β€’ Personal branding of the photo booth itself
β€’ Social Sharing
β€’ And more…

Contact us β†’

How long can I use the photo booth?

You can use our photo booth for 24 hours. Of course we do not count the construction and dismantling hours. If you want to rent the photo booth for a longer period, please state this in your quote request. From the second day onwards, we charge a surcharge of 25% of the costs of the photo booth per day.

Note: You must be able to guarantee us that the photo booth is safe!

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about “photo / photo strips”

Do you already have a design in mind? Perhaps the design of your wedding card! Wait, first make the choice: Do I want one photo or photo strips?

Note: A photo booth is always pre-set for your event! It is therefore no longer possible to make adjustments just in advance.

Photos (think postcard) are 4 Γ— 6 inches (or 102 Γ— 152 mm) by default. Photo strips are photos cut in half (51 Γ— 152 mm). That is why photo strips are always printed in pairs. One photo strip is not possible. Separate designs are possible, for example: One with a white background and one with a black background. In short, one for the guest and one for your guestbook!

You can of course supply the design of your photo or photo strips yourself. If you don’t want this, choose one of our premium top designs for FREE or let our designs make one for you!

FREE premium design: Choose a design that suits you and let us know in a message which text (s) we can write down. The options differ per design. There are designs with only your names, but there are also designs with (sub) titles, dates, locations, hashtags, websites, QR codes, logos and so on …

Tip: There are also sites that sell ready-made designs, for example:,,,, or

Rent a photobooth β†’

Submit yourself: If you are a bit handy yourself, you can of course submit your own design! Download here our empty template (s) and more information about the delivery specifications.

Customization: If you cannot choose from our designs and you cannot or do not want to provide a template yourself, our designer is ready for you! As a rule, we charge € 29.95 (excl. vat) per hour for customization (such as your own pattern in the background). Based on your wishes (or an example) we design a photo / photo strip that fully matches your event! What are your wishes and which texts can we write down?

Contact us β†’

More information about “professional counselors”

We will of course install your photo booth on location for FREE. Note: A helping hand to get the photo booth on top of the tripod is desirable. Despite we eat a lot of spinach, we don’t just have such a lot of muscle … We will set up the photo booth no later than one / two hours before the start of your event.

Would you also like an employee (s) during your event who will enthuse the guests and encourage them to have their picture taken? Which can! Our attractive photo booth supervisors and supervisors are guaranteed to smile and assist where necessary. The costs are € 24.95 (excl. vat) per person, per hour. Even grandpa Jan can take a picture!

How many hours of employees should I think? That depends purely on the duration of the event. Weddings and party nights, for example, often start around 9:00 PM and end at 1:00 AM. So in total about four hours (set-up and dismantling included FREE). It is of course also possible to only use our supervisors for a certain time (s)en.

Rent a photobooth β†’

Note: In the case of personnel deployment, ‘deliverer’ and ‘supervisor’ are often the same person. If a supervisor is only deployed for a specific time (s), then the hours he / she has to wait on location – the total time from delivery (, installation and the start of the event) to dismantling and return. – charged at a reduced rate of € 12.45 per person, per hour.

Contact us β†’

More information about “props”

Photo booth props (or attributes) are also sometimes referred to as photo sticks. They are wooden sticks with, for example, glasses or mustache that you can hold in front of your face. The standard props package consists of 60 pieces, so always something that suits your event!

Rent a photobooth β†’

What are premium props? These are props that are 100% in line with your event. Let us know what you are looking for and we will check what our suppliers offer. The range is huge, how about: Glitter and glamor, It’s a boy, It’s a girl, Happy Birthday, Team Groom, Tream Bride, Graduation, Hawaii, Christmas, Kermis, Just Married, etc. … Costs of € 9, 95 (excluding vat) per package.

Contact us β†’

More information about “printing”

Our printer is the best and fastest of its kind! If we assume 300 Γ— 300 dpi (a high-resolution image) on glossy paper (high-quality printing paper) in standard size (102 Γ— 152 mm), it takes about 8.4 seconds per photo.

β€’ Paper quality: Premium (thick paper with deep black and high white value)
β€’ Finish: Gloss, matte, luster and fine matte
β€’ Prints per roll: 400 photos (102 Γ— 152 mm) or 800 photo strips

What does ‘unlimited printing’ mean to you? At applies: Unlimited printing is printing until the photo roll is used up. In contrast to other providers, you do not rent our photo booth per hour, but per day. In addition, the moment you touch the screen to the moment you hold the photo in your hands only takes one to two minutes!

Are you planning to take more than 400 photos? Don’t worry, we always take one extra roll with us at € 99.95 (excl. vat) each.

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about the “guestbook”

What are you going to do with all the photos that have been taken? We have already seen many creative ways, but the classic photo book always works. Especially if you opt for the photo strips! Because the photo strips are printed in pairs, you can ask the guests to stick one strip in the book as a souvenir and possibly add a nice text. They can then take the other strips home and hang them on the fridge as a reminder! Nice to flip back later.

The guestbook of is a very nice book with a wooden cover and bound with string. The guestbook is L 22 cm Γ— W 22 cm Γ— H 2 cm and contains 32 blank sheets (or 64 pages) for € 24.95. Of course we also provide a number of pens and photo stick!

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about “FREE digital photo album”

All photos, including the photos that did not make it to the guestbook, will be sent to you digitally afterwards (1 – 5 working days) in the form of a link to your digital photo album. Then share this link with as many people as you want. This way everyone can download his or her best photo! The online gallery is secured, so no one (except the people you want them to) can access!

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about “USB with photos”

Can’t wait and do you want to take all the photos home immediately? Then we put all the photos on a nice wooden USB stick!

β€’ Material: Wood (charred)
β€’ Dimensions: L 60 mm Γ— W 28mm Γ— H 9 mm
β€’ Weight 22gr
β€’ Capacity: 4GB
β€’ Interface type: USB 2.0

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about “background or greenscreen”

If everything has to be perfect then a nice background cannot be missed. has a hip scaffolding frame of L 265 cm Γ— W 2 cm Γ— H 215 cm (with a base of 100 cm) that fits backgrounds of L 250 cm Γ— H 200 cm.

Green Screen (or background): A Green Screen is a completely “chroma-green” color background. Because this color hardly occurs anywhere, it is easy for a computer to recognize and replace with an image of your choice, for example the beach! You can rent our Green Screen (incl. Frame) for € 49.95 (excl. vat). Do you already have a background in mind? Choose one of our most popular backgrounds here.

We can of course also have these backgrounds (or, for example, one color) printed! Printing the backgrounds costs € 49.95 (excl. vat) per design.

Rent a photobooth β†’

Customization: Would you rather not have a digital background, but a real, tangible background of high quality? Our designer is ready for you! How about your own luxury ‘red carpet’ background with your company logos. We then have the design realized at our printer and we deliver your own background (complete with frame) to your event for € 99.95 (excluding vat). Of course you will get the background (without frame) home afterwards. Nice for the office or handy for next time! If you have another design, only rent our frame for € 29.95 (excl. vat).

Submit yourself: If you are a bit handy yourself, you can of course submit a design! Download our blank templates for the digital background digital background or tangible background. We can have your tangible background realized at our printer and deliver it complete with frame to your event for € 74.95 (excl. vat). You will of course also take your own tangible design home afterwards!

Contact us β†’

More information about “personal branding”

As icing on the cake, making our photo booth, your photo booth! We apply stickers to our photo booth and give the screen a background with, for example, your logo. Picture this: A personalized photo booth in combination with a personalized background and a personalized photo design!

Rent a photobooth β†’

Customization: Our designer is ready to prepare the stickers and the background screen for the photo booth. We then have the design realized at our printer and we deliver your photo booth to your event for € 99.95 (excluding vat). Of course we keep your design, so for the next time you only pay the printing and setup costs of € 49.95 (excl. vat).

Submit yourself: If you are a bit handy yourself, you can of course submit a digital design! Download our empty template here. We will have the stickers produced by our printer and deliver the photo booth completely stickered to your event for € 74.95 (excl. vat).

Contact us β†’

More information about “social sharing”

By means of “social sharing” you let guests directly edit, upload and share the photos taken via their own social media channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or Pinterest). In combination with a personalized photo booth, personalized background and personalized photo design, it is almost impossible for this to be a great (marketing) success! Tip: Use a #hashtag so that the gaps make your company, brand or event trending. You can even share photos of your guests again via your own channels.

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about “FREE Remote Support”

Despite the fact that we prepare everything down to the last detail with the greatest care, there is always a chance that something will go wrong … Especially for these cases, we always provide the manuals. Is it still not working? Then we are available 24/7 for remote assistance. We can take over our photo booth remotely (make sure you have a WiFi connection).

Rent a photobooth β†’

More information about “And more …”

We have adjusted our photo booth as we think it will provide the best experience. For example, the countdown sound (three, two, one …) is off by default. The possibilities are endless in that regard. These sounds can even be recorded in advance and it is also possible, for example, to let your guests choose each photo in advance from multiple designs photo (strips), a filter and to add a sticker to your photo (such as glasses or mustache) ! Do you have a specific wish?

Contact us β†’

Polaroid Camera (rental)

Which Polaroid camera do you rent out?

We rent out the wildly popular Fujifilm Instax Mini 9! This hip and most user-friendly polaroid camera has a number of useful functions and comes with a protective cover, wrist strap, close-up lens, selfie mirror, spare batteries and manual.

β€’ Weight: 307g
β€’ Height: 11.6 cm
β€’ Width: 11.83 cm
β€’ Depth: 6.82 cm
β€’ Color: Smokey White
β€’ Material: Plastic
β€’ Number of focus points: 1
β€’ Viewfinder: Check!
β€’ Internal flash: Check!
β€’ Power supply type: 2 Γ— AA Batteries (including spare batteries)
β€’ Four exposure modes, namely: Indoor / Night, Cloudy / Shade, Sunny / Partly Cloudy and Sunny / Bright

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

What does a polaroid camera (with photos) cost?

At you can already rent a polaroid camera for only € 19.95 (excl. vat) per day. The number of photos (also called “films”) can be ordered as an extra option for € 16.45 (excl. vat) per pack (20 pieces). We supply one pack of photos as standard to get started right away!

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

How many photos do I need to reorder?

That depends entirely on how many photos you want to take. Tip: It is better to order too many than too few! Of course you do not want to be left empty-handed and at you can simply return unopened parcels. We will then refund € 16.45 (excl. vat) per 20 photos to your account! Please note: We ask a one-off € 5 administrative contribution for return.

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

Can I also take pictures in the dark?

Yes, always use the specified exposure mode. In the dark this will probably be the indoor / night mode. Everyone will look good with the built-in flash!

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

How fast is your polaroid camera?

Immediately after taking the photo, the film will immediately come out of the camera and the photo will be largely developed within a minute. Nowadays fluttering is no longer at all, but it is great fun!

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

What are the dimensions of photos?

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 uses the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 films. These films have the following dimensions:

Picture only: L 46mm Γ— H 62mm
The entire film (including the white border): L 54 mm Γ— H 86 mm

Tip: Describe the white edge of the photo with a permanent marker!

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

How long can I use the polaroid camera?

You rent our polaroid camera per day. We will of course ensure that you receive the camera at least one (working) day in advance. Of course you don’t have to pay anything for this ‘extra day’! After a maximum of three days, you must return the camera the next working day.

If you want to rent the camera for a longer period, please state this in your quote request. From the second day onwards, we charge a surcharge of 25% of the costs of the camera per day.

Rent a polaroid camera(‘s) β†’

Social media signs (buy)

Which social media boards can I choose from?

You can choose from: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Tinder, Twitter, WhatsApp and / or YouTube. Which channel is right for you?

Buy social media frame(s) β†’

Are you missing a species? Then Lichtletters-Huren makes them! As a rule, we charge € 29.95 (excl. vat) per hour for customization (such as your own pattern in the background).

Contact us β†’

Do I get to see a design in advance?

After your confirmation, we will immediately get to work and make an example design. Of course you can now have data changed! Is the sample design approved? Then we will forward the design and have it printed at our printer (which will also send the package). After approval, no more changes are possible!

Buy social media frame(s) β†’

What material are the social media signs made of?

We use dibond as standard. Dibond consists of several layers, namely two very thin layers of aluminum with plastic in between. Dibond is durable and can also be used outside! Note: The edges can be sharp. We therefore recommend lightly sanding / filing the edges of our boards.

Do you want to walk around a lot? Then we recommend forex. Forex signs unfortunately don’t last as long, but on the other hand they are very safe to use, such as busy areas or events with children. Please include “Forex” in your comments!

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What does a social media board cost?

The price depends on the dimensions (and the shipping costs) of the board. So the design of the sign does not affect the price:

β€’ Social media sign Medium – € 95.00 (excl. vat)
β€’ Social media sign Large – € 119.95 (excl. vat)
β€’ Social media sign XLarge – € 129.95 (excl. vat)

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What are the measurements?

Our social media boards are available in four sizes, namely:

β€’ Social media sign Medium (for 1 to 3 persons) – L 60 xm Γ— H 90 cm
β€’ Social media plate Large (for 2 to 4 persons) – L 73 cm Γ— H 105 cm
β€’ Social media plate XLarge (for 3 to 5 persons) – L 80 cm Γ— H 120 cm

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Other extra’s (rental)

More information about “red carpet”

Our red carpet is a luxurious 4 meter long red carpet made of thick, soft fabric. The runner is approximately one meter wide and comes, if desired, with 6 luxurious chrome posts with 4 luxurious red braided cords.

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More information about “heart with flowers”

Instead of the heart as a light letter, we can also fill the heart with flowers. The flowers are A-quality silk flowers, making them hardly distinguishable from real flowers! The base of the heart filled with flowers is a frame that only fits in the heart of our white light letter. The heart filled with flowers can therefore only be added if you also choose the white light letters and the heart, for example: A β™₯ B. Filling the heart with flowers adds to the price of the light letters. Only the filling is therefore not an option.

Do you want to have the heart filled with real flowers, other types of (silk) flowers or other colors? Let us know. Then we make the heart filled with flowers completely tailor-made for you. The additional cost of this depends on your wishes.

Would you rather fill a completely different light letter with flowers? Then we will make these for you. Let us know!

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More information about “aggregate”

A generator is a power generator driven by a motor that runs on fuel. Especially for places where you do not have a socket at hand, we can still light the illuminated letters, for example on the beach!

Note: Although our generator is a “silent” generator, you will hear it running in the background. We therefore always put the generator as far away as possible. If you want to be sure that you don’t hear anything at all, provide background music, for example! Depending on the number of lamps that have to burn, the generator will last for a number of hours. Do you want to let the light letters burn for more than Β± 5 hours? Then it must be supplemented with mixed lubrication (4L); gasoline (Euro 98 or E5) 25: 1 (2-stroke oil)

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More information about “event-frame”

Our event light letters are designed to be hung at fairs or festivals, such as a stand, at the entrance, bar or stage. The light letters are provided with clamps at the rear (in the middle) with which you can easily hang them on truss or scaffolding tubes. Do you have no place to hang the letters or would you rather place them? In most cases that is not a problem. Only pay attention to letters such as β€œF” because they can tilt! What we can do is tape the letters with extra strong double-sided carpet tape. Unfortunately, this tape does not adhere to all surfaces. We use carpet tape because this tape does not leave any glue residue! If you want to be sure that the message gets across, choose our matte black frame to hang them on. The frame is quite heavy, so it will certainly remain and we can make one sentence or hang several words under each other.

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